Confessions of an ‘Amish stripper’: Woman who grew up in strict conservative sect opens up about how she endured years of abuse, drug addiction, and sex work after leaving the settlement at 17

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A woman who grew up in a strict Amish settlement has opened up about how she endured years of abuse, drug addiction, and sex work after leaving the settlement – which she believes stemmed from her extremely sheltered childhood.

Naomi Swartzentruber was raised in one of the largest and most conservative subgroups of the Amish, known as the Swartzentrubers, which meant that she had to follow immensely strict rules regarding everything from the way she dressed to who she could talk to.

It also meant that she was never taught about sex, fertility, or reproduction, which resulted in many people ‘taking advantage of her’ after she decided to leave her community behind at age 17.

Desperate to escape the settlement after discovering the outside world as a teen, she moved in with a man almost double her age, who pressured her into having sex with him while also ‘pimping her’ out to his neighbor.

With no education and no one to turn to, Naomi worked as a stripper and prostitute for years, eventually developing a severe crack addiction that resulted in her falling into a ‘deep hole’ that she thought she would never get out of.

But she never gave up, and after years of devastation, Naomi has now completely turned her life around – eventually finding the love of her life, becoming a mother, and transforming her story into a successful book.

She spoke out about her harrowing journey during a recent appearance on Shelise Ann Sola’s podcast, Cults To Consciousness – in the hopes that it may help others who may be struggling with similar problems.

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