Has the local council of a sleepy Sussex town fallen under the spell of Scientology? Civic leaders in East Grinstead have been dazzled by Tom Cruise – and even given red carpet treatment to the church’s controversial leader

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A chance to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars and royals at film premieres would be beyond the dreams of most local council officials or pen-pushers. But for those representing the sleepy market town of East Grinstead in Sussex, attending glitzy celebrity events and meeting A-listers is seen as a perk of the job.

Take, for instance, the picture of yoga teacher and former East Grinstead mayor Julie Mockford ‘just chillin’ with her ‘pal’ Tom Cruise on a Mission: Impossible film set in 2018.

Or more recently, the snap of the current mayor of East Grinstead, Frazer Visser, with Cruise last year. ‘I had the unforgettable experience of attending the premiere of Tom Cruise’s newest Mission: Impossible film in Leicester Square, along with some previous mayors,’ he said.

No one would want to rob civic dignitaries of celebrity moments, but such photo-opportunities are starting to raise eyebrows.

For Tom Cruise is of course heavily involved with Scientology, which has long been established in East Grinstead. And the cosy relationship between Scientologists and local politicians is causing mounting concern among critics and council insiders.

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