Chad Daybell Was A Failure At Life, Including Being A Cult Leader

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In this episode of ‘Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski’, psychologist Dr. John Delatorre discusses the complexities of the Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow case. Brueski and Delatorre explore the dynamic between Daybell and Vallow, with Delatorre asserting that Chad Daybell was the manipulative con artist behind their extreme religious beliefs, while Lori Vallow became a true believer. Delatorre suggests that Daybell enjoyed the control and attention his manipulations brought him, leading both to escalate their delusional behavior. The conversation examines how Daybell’s and Vallow’s mutual reinforcement of their beliefs led to drastic actions, including the murders. Delatorre points out that anyone can be susceptible to scams under the right conditions, and Vallow’s deepening involvement in Daybell’s cult-like ideology was a result of her vulnerabilities. The discussion also touches on how quickly the situation escalated, deviating from typical cult behavior by moving rapidly from belief to deadly actions. Delatorre highlights the dangers of such manipulative relationships and the psychological grooming that can lead individuals to commit heinous acts.

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