Cancelled? No, Russell Brand’s coining it: He dines at the local Ivy barefoot in a kimono. And he’s turned the village pub into an HQ pumping out online conspiracy theories that earn him millions…

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Lunchtime at the Crown Inn near Stonor in Oxfordshire and the pub looks busy enough.

Indeed there is a gathering of young people here — but nobody is sitting at the polished wooden bar, and there are no beer barrels connected to the pumps which gleam on top of it.

Instead, the historic building, which began serving the public in the 1400s, is under new ownership, and is actually not a public house any more.

It is, in fact, the nerve centre of disgraced former comedian Russell Brand’s media empire. A sign saying ‘recording studio’ is propped up against a mantelpiece. Children’s toys — perhaps belonging to his three young offspring — litter the floor.

You might have assumed that Brand, under investigation by police over historic sex allegations including a rape claim, and also the subject of separate investigations by the BBC, Channel 4 and the production company Banijay, would be lying low in obscurity.

However it can be revealed that he now makes millions from ranting conspiracy theory videos, which are recorded here and pumped out on the social media platform Rumble.

He bought the Crown in December 2021 — pre-downfall — and it is now being used as an office by a team of thirtysomethings, who are perched at its tables tapping away on their laptop computers and making calls on mobile phones.

One young man, sitting on a sofa, is asking someone to ‘get stories about misinformation’ when the Mail visits.

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