Fans Applauded Leah Remini For Her Honesty When Asked If Tom Cruise Blacklisted Her From Roles In Hollywood

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Leah Remini has enjoyed a strong career in Hollywood. However, in the latest years, Remini is constantly in the headlines for “exposing” Scientology, revealing what her experience was like, and what others faced. Remini has revealed lots of information, including the moment Katie Holmes was viewed as an enemy by Scientology.

In the following, we’re going to take a closer at Remini’s thoughts on Tom Cruise, and if their feud played a role in her career. As expected, Remini gave an honest answer, and was applauded by fans.

We’ll reveal what she had to say, and some of her ongoing problems with the church all these years later.

Over the years, Leah Remini has received lots of supports from fans about her openness towards Scientology, and what her experience truly was like with the church. Remini hasn’t held back speaking about Tom Cruise either, and that has held true until this very day.

Three years ago, Remini took on an interview alongside Jon Foss. During the discussion, the host questions if Remini lost out on roles because of Cruise, and his power in Hollywood. Remini doesn’t avoid the question, as expected, and gives a very honest response.

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