Canada’s QAnon ‘Queen’ forced out of Kamsack, Sask.

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A woman known as a QAnon-inspired conspiracy theorist who purports to be the “Queen of Canada” was forced out of Kamsack, Sask., on Wednesday.

Romana Didulo and some of her followers had convoyed into Kamsack, according to local residents and town officials who spoke with CBC News.

Within a six-hour period Wednesday, a couple hundred townspeople peacefully protested their presence and the RCMP eventually escorted the group out of town, they say.

“The pride we have in our town today is so immense,” said Kamsack Mayor Nancy Brunt. “We’re so grateful for what everyone did yesterday, coming together all on the same side, all saying, ‘This is our town and no one is going to take it away from us.'”

Didulo started as a far-right QAnon conspiracy theorist a couple years ago but has turned into something else, said Evan Balgord, executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, an independent, non-profit organization that says it monitors, exposes and counters hate groups.

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