Which celebrities have been linked to Scientology, and who quit? From Danny Masterson and wife Bijou Phillips, to John Travolta, Katie Holmes and even Elvis Presley’s late daughter Lisa Marie Presley

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Tom Cruise may be the world’s most recognisable poster child for Scientology, but he’s not the only celebrity who’s known to practice the controversial religion.

Founded in the 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology is described as “a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature” and “one’s relationship to self, family, groups, mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe and the supreme being”, according to the official website.

Following his recent sentencing, actor and convicted rapist Danny Masterson has been in the spotlight for his links to the movement. And over the years, the movement has been called out for its legitimacy and “cultlike” tendencies. So, which celebrities are part of the group – and which ones have left?

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