Brother’s Keeper: The Tale of a CT Cult Leader Who Said He Was God

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Today, we know more than we did thirty years ago thanks to popular TV documentaries and miniseries but that is fantasy for us. For some, the inner workings of a cult is their their living nightmare. We’ve all heard the stories but it’s difficult for many to connect with the realities. We say that could never happen to me or my family but you just don’t know. In fact, it happened here in Connecticut back in the 80’s and 90’s.

“Brother” Julius Shacknow was a cult leader based in Meriden, CT who convinced his followers he was the Messiah. Shacknow’s cult called The Work was in operation in the 1970’s and 80’s according to Investigation Discovery.

I must apologize for presenting the tip of the iceberg. This is an itch that you’ll have to scratch, if you’re anything like me. Later today, you’ll find yourself in a digital wormhole, digging for every shred of information you can get on this CT cult. There is a lot out there about the many chapters of this story if you are  interested. I recommend using the Google machine to conduct your search.

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  1. Many cult leaders claim to be God or Jesus. Some say they are Buddha and others claim to speak for aliens in space, or that they spiritually channel dead historical figures. All of this imbues the cult leader with an aura of authority and provides a premise for their power over others.

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