Bill passed to prevent controversial Japanese religious sect’s asset outflows

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TOKYO: Japan’s lower house on Tuesday passed a bill to prevent the controversial religious sect Unification Church from moving assets as concerns grew that the religious group would attempt to hide its funds overseas as it faces compensation demands.

The bill was okayed at a plenary session in parliament by the House of Representatives, to ensure sufficient financial support for those who have fallen victim to the group’s activities, including aggressive donations solicitations, reports Xinhua news agency.

It will be sent next to the House of Councilors, or upper house, paving the way for its passage by the end of the current parliament session through on December 13, national news agency Kyodo reported.

In October, the education and culture ministry decided to seek a court order to disband the Unification Church, following a months-long probe into the controversial group over alleged malicious practices including soliciting financially ruinous donations from members.

Although the group proposed last month to make available a significant sum, reportedly up to 10 billion yen ($67 million), to be held by the government to aid victims affected by the group’s practices, concerns have been raging that the group might attempt to transfer its assets overseas or redirect them to other entities before facing a court-issued order that might revoke its status as a religious corporation.

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