Leah Remini claims she spent $5M on Scientology only to be abused once she left the church

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The former “King of Queens” star said she paid the group more than $5 million for “thousands” of hours of training sessions before her 2013 exit.

“Defendants have undertaken a campaign to silence, ruin and destroy my life, career, reputation, and livelihood as laid out by their directives,” the filing, first reported by Tony Ortega of The Underground Bunker, alleges.

The organization has countered Remini’s claims, calling her legal offensive “pure lunacy” aimed at reviving her acting career.

Remini said she first became involved with the group as a 13-year-old after her mother became a Scientologist.

As part of her training to progress in Scientology she says older male members of the organization subjected her to “bull-baiting” sessions where she was verbally abused, according to the filing.

One unnamed man “screamed expletives at me, made sexually suggestive remarks to me, and verbally abused me for hours in an effort to condition me to not react to abuse,” Remini’s filing alleges.

Remini stated she was once a prized representative of the group because of her success in her career, and she willingly sang its praises in order to attract fresh new recruits.

“I was awarded commendations by David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, and by the very people who later attacked me in Scientology-produced videos,” the filing asserts.

The 33-page declaration was submitted as part of Remini’s opposition to a legal push by the church to have a defamation suit she filed against them tossed.

Content retrieved from: https://nypost.com/2023/12/04/news/leah-remini-spent-5m-on-scientology-alleges-abuse/.

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