Benny Hinn Threw Himself a “Surprise” Birthday Dinner

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As his 1st course, he was served a subpoena for criminal contempt of court

I’ve been PBH’s (Hinn’s) CE for ~ 20 years. I have gone up against every imaginable enemy, including the Senate Finance Committee, the IRS, the FBI & 100’s of disgruntled employees & family members.”— Don Price, Hinn’s “Chief Executive”
ANAHEIM, CA, USA, December 15, 2022 / — On December 3rd at the Dallas Ritz-Carlton, Benny Hinn hosted a formal dinner to celebrate the 70th anniversary of his own birth while raising a couple of bucks. The menu was a choice between beef or fish.

There was, however, a special appetizer awaiting the birthday boy himself. He was served a subpoena to Show Cause as to why he should not be held in Criminal Contempt of Court. He is now facing potential fines and jail time.

Apparently, Presiding Judge, Donald F. Gaffney had issued a “Summons to Appear in Cause # 30-2022-01258316-CU-DF-NJC.

When Defendant Hinn blew him off, the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, 05/05/2022 02:29:22 PM. 30-2022-01258316-CU-DF-NJC – ROA # 4 – DAVID H. YAMASAKI, Clerk of the Court By Katie Trent, Deputy Clerk” had taken exception to Benny’s failure to appear.

Who knew that the birthday dinner would turn out to be a “Surprise Party”?

Ticket prices topped out at $5,000 per “guest” for a place setting at the head table, a photo with the man himself, an autograph and a ticket to another grand event (when and where, to be determined at some time in the future).

For those who could afford a bit more than a $150 view from the Cheap Seats, $250 got them admitted to a pre-meal “private reception”, a take-home gift bag and a one-year subscription (valued at $250 in itself) to Benny Hinn Institute (sic).

$1,000 tickets included an after-dinner “exclusive reception” and access to that yet-to-be-identified grand event.

Everyone got cake, but there was no ice cream or open bar.

This most recent in the long history of litigation, Don Price, with Benny’s “blessings”, is being sued for initiating an alleged campaign of libel and deception by allegedly violating not only state and federal laws, but ICANN regulations as well. According to court records, “… the conspirators have created numerous fake websites designed to mislead the faithful public, their donors and to defame a social activist, philanthropist and religious leader – Dr.Norman Quintero.”

The complaint cites Don Price’s numerous ‘anonymously’-created websites that have wrongfully integrated Dr. Q’s worldwide reputation for impacting hunger, social justice and mental health into Hinn’s own internet addresses. The complaint contends that there has been an apparent attack on “Dr. Q’s” ministry and lifelong commitment to making the world a better place through hard work, service and faith in the name of true Christianity.”

For decades Benny Hinn has been known as the quintessential showman-prophet for the Holy Trinity. For decades, Don Price has been the silent spokesman & strategist behind Benny Hinn, his matrix of corporate entities and websites. Benny delivers the public performance; as Chief Executive, Don runs the show. In his own words, “I’ve been PBH’s (Hinn’s) CE for ~ 20 years. I have gone up against every imaginable enemy, including the Senate Finance Committee, the IRS, the FBI & 100’s of disgruntled employees & family members.”

There is no documented proof that any of Hinn’s thousands of claimed faith healing “miracles” have ever resulted in a single medical cure or that his “prosperity gospel” has ever provided a dime of ROI to any earthly bank account or any heavenly reward in the Afterlife. Rather, millions of congregants’ dollars have actually been expended, by Don Price, on legal fees in unsuccessful defenses of multiple lawsuits and numerous court-ordered final judgments … or his own filing of unsuccessful lawsuits.

Co-Defendant Price did, in fact, have the good sense to show up for his Deposition.

While the transcript and video of its content remains confidential, the likelihood is that Dr. Q’s skilled lawyers weren’t fooled by any double talk or dummy corporations. Benny Hinn will eventually face the grilling that the law requires. Unfortunately for him, it may be only after he’s locked up for a while.

The good news is that many inmates actually do find Jesus in jail.

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  1. Hinn has never proven with medical records any of his claimed healing. He seems to be little more than a con man taking advantage of vulnerable people, which has made him very rich.

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