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The staring ‘cult leader’ charged with sex attacks on four female followers: Messianic head of Canadian spiritual group is known for his piercing gaze and bizarre monologues about coffee

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The self-styled leader of a wealthy spiritual community in western Canada has been charged with sexually assaulting several of his followers after telling them a 'spirit' instructed him to engage in sexual activity with them, police in Edmonton have said.…[Continue Reading...]

Rockville Centre diocese proposes up to $200 million settlement for clergy abuse survivors

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The Diocese of Rockville Centre on Friday proposed a settlement of up to $200 million to be paid to hundreds of survivors of clergy sex abuse as it works toward emerging from bankruptcy. Attorneys for survivors denounced the proposal as too little and…[Continue Reading...]

Leah Remini Begs To Know Where Shelly Miscavige Is After Husband David Miscavige Allegedly Goes Missing

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Leah Remini is demanding answers after her pal Shelly Miscavige has been missing for several years. After an article which stated Shelly's husband, David Miscavige, who is the controversial head figure of Scientology, is allegedly now missing too, Remini is…[Continue Reading...]

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