Alleged cult leader ‘Natureboy’ Eligio Bishop | Where does his case stand?

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — The alleged leader of a DeKalb County cult, whose arrest made headlines last year for in part for the seriousness of the charges against him and in part for his social media popularity and the cult’s peculiarity, has a new lawyer as the case slowly progresses.

Eligio Bishop, otherwise known as “Natureboy,” remains in DeKalb County Jail without bond pending a trial. He faces charges, including rape and false imprisonment.

Bishop, 39, had tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube accounts that referred to him as “Th3 3God” and projected his messianic self-image as the leader of the “Carbon Nation” group.

His videos and sermons portrayed him as a God-like figure, and he said in one message after his arrest: “They want to crucify me, they want me dead, there’s hate that surrounds me, you can feel it, just like any other prophet — only me, I’m the return of the Christ.”

He was arrested after a former member of the cult who identified herself as his girlfriend said he posted revenge porn “because she left him.” Police reports detailed that the woman told police that “she had joined a sex cult in which her boyfriend is the leader” and that “she did live together with Mr. Bishop and he has posted sexually explicit videos of her and him without her consent on Twitter.”

Both his wife and another former cult member later told 11Alive he had sexually and emotionally abused them.

Nearly a year after his arrest, he’s again seeking bond to be released from jail after a motion for bond by the public defender who had been representing him was denied in late January.

Here’s what’s happened lately in the case:

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