Accusations Of BTS’s Association With Cult Continue Despite Dahn World’s Rebuttal

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In the past few weeks, HYBE has found itself in one messy situation after another, which includes accusations of its affiliation to a cult, Dahn World. Fan-fueled “evidence” spread online rapidly, convincing the public that the label is planting cult-related motifs and concepts in the projects of its artists, which includes BTS.

While HYBE still has not released any official statement on this, Dahn World spoke up on May 1, 2024. They thoroughly denied any association with HYBE.

This response contained the online wildfire of accusations only momentarily, as a popular YouTube channel brought it up once again, and this time with alleged video evidence. On May 2, the YouTube channel named HOVERLAB hosted a long livestream, attempting to establish that HYBE and BTS are indeed linked to Dahn World.

Netizens seem to have picked up on two specific clips shown on this stream, both featuring the founder of Dahn World, Lee Seung Heun. The first clip, dated from 2018, shows Lee congratulating the BTS members who were enrolled into the Global Cyber University (GCU) as students. Lee is also the founder and the chancellor (or “president,” as he referred to himself in his tweets) at the university. In particular, in this clip, Lee is heard claiming that the BTS members are also learning “Brain Education,” just like the other students at the school.

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