Woman lifts the lid on what it was REALLY like growing up in the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization

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A woman has candidly lifted the lid on what it was really like growing up in the Church of Scientology’s Sea Organization.

Katherine Spallino, who is now based in Minnesota, appeared on a recent episode of the Cults To Consciousness podcast to discuss her childhood experience.

She explained that she was born into the religion and grew up as a cadet before being trained to become a full member of the Sea Organization – the senior-most status of staff in Scientology, which started as the founder’s private navy.

But mom-of-three Katherine, who has since authored memoir The Bad Cadet, has revealed how she was ‘horribly neglected as a child’ and was left with ‘no education’ after being ‘forced into hard labor’ from a young age.

Katherine began by telling host Shelise Ann Sola how she was born at a Scientology church in Hollywood – but never got registered at birth.

‘My parents were so busy working for the Church of Scientology, they never got around to registering me,’ she shared.

This would later prove to be problem since a lack of Social Security Number meant she could not legally get paid – but she conceded the oversight likely stemmed from the fact that children were not prioritized within the organization because kids were considered ‘adults in small bodies.’

Elaborating on her path to becoming a cadet, Katherine explained: ‘For cadets – which is what I was – our parents worked for the Church of Scientology in the inner, inner circle of it.

‘They signed a billion-year contract giving their life to the Sea Org and, in turn, mine as well.

‘So I was literally born in the Sea Org and I had started signing contracts by the time I was six years old saying “I’m a Sea Org member, that’s my purpose.”‘

Katherine said that at eight years old she ‘randomly got pulled aside at school’ and got told she would be going to live in the cadet ranch – where her older sister, who is six years her senior, was already staying.

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