When friendships “kinda feels like your in a cult”

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We need friends, even science says so.

But sometimes, you can’t help but wonder if YOUR friends are indeed good for you.

It’s not like they’re bad people, it’s just that being with them feels a little…off.

Well, it must be your gut trying to tell you something.

Let’s turn to psychology and examine your friendships, once and for all.

Here are 8 friendship red flags you should never ignore, according to psychology.

You’re not a member of a cult but you’ve watched enough Netflix documentaries about them to know what they’re like.

And being with your friends makes you feel you’re in one!

Although there’s no poison or assault or money involved, it feels like you always have to prove your loyalty to them.

You feel pressured to do certain things (even the ones that are clearly bad for you).

You start to develop a hive mentality that being different feels like you’re betraying them.

Most of all, it’s as if you have to prioritize them all the time.

Cult preys on the vulnerable. Members are manipulated by fear and guilt until they have no way out.

And according to psychology, being in a cult (or a cult-like friendship) will result in long-lasting psychological effects like identity confusion, decision-making dependency, fear of commitment, and more.

So if your friend group feels like a cult (think Mean Girls), protect yourself.

Content retrieved from: https://hackspirit.com/friendship-red-flags-you-should-never-ignore-according-to-psychology/.

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