A Mom Is Losing Her Family Home Thanks to the QAnon Queen of Canada

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In a small central Albertan town sits a home with a collection of purple flags featuring a sword bifurcating a maple leaf hanging from it.

The flags are for Romana Didulo, a QAnon conspiracy theorist with a cult-like following who believes she’s the true Queen of Canada. The home belonged to a woman who we’re going to call Bonnie, and she’s one of Didulo’s most dedicated followers.

“I’ve been showing off all of mine since it arrived in early December ,” she once wrote to her leader about the flags. “I have lots in my house too!! I bought all 3 dif one and garden flags too!!”

Bonnie posts on Didulo’s Telegram pages religiously, never failing to thank her Queen for all she does. She’s proud to display her loyalty to her leader with the flags. But, in yet another sad story of the devastating real-world impact of the QAnon conspiracy, the Didulo memorabilia will have to be packed up in short order.

The bank has foreclosed on Bonnie and her husband. According to court documents seen by VICE News, the Didulo fan owes over $150,000 on her mortgage which she stopped paying because her Queen told her the banking system was fake and the debt would eventually be forgiven. It’s an ending that’s left Bonnie in a state of shock.

Content retrieved from: https://www.vice.com/en/article/93a4vz/romana-didulo-qanon-follower-losing-home.

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  1. “QAnon Queen” Romana Didulo, has become an object of worship to her followers, the single most salient feature of a destructive cult.

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