7NEWS Spotlight: World-first look inside Providence, the ‘Cult Next Door’

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A guided tour through the sinister caves of a cult compound in rural South Korea where members are sexually assaulted wasn’t quite what I’d envisaged for my first Spotlight assignment.

But in a world-first, that’s where the crew and I ended up as part of our month’s long investigation into the depraved South Korean cult targeting Australian women; a group the Australian Federal Police’s sex-trafficking unit is now also investigating.

“Providence” was founded in 1978 by self-professed ‘messiah’ Jung Myung Seok (JMS). The group claims to be a Christian religious movement with more than 40,000 Korean members and a presence in more than 70 countries, including Australia.

The ‘churches’ we’ve visited in Australia are just like those in Seoul, South Korea. There’s no signage, no lists of services, certainly no standard, ‘open door’ church policy. Instead, the faithful meet behind frosted glass, using secret pin codes for access.

Providence, in South Korea, is a cult.

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