2 Docu-Series That Expose Infamous Cults’ Use Of Psychological Manipulation

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The People’s Temple and NXIVM stand as two of the most terrifying testaments to the cruel, violent and deadly nature of cults. These organizations—led by the charismatic and manipulative figures Jim Jones and Keith Raniere, respectively—showcase how even the most well-informed and intelligent individuals can fall prey to the insidious tactics of cultic leaders.

The following two docu-series depict how, through a combination of psychological manipulation, emotional exploitation and strategic deceit, Jones and Raniere were able to amass devoted followings—leading their followers down paths of suffering and destruction.

The People’s Temple, founded by the charismatic and authoritarian leader Jim Jones, is a stark example of how psychological mind control tactics can be used to subdue and manipulate followers.

According to a 2003 report by the American Psychological Association, Jones employed psychological tactics that are reminiscent of the totalitarian strategies described in George Orwell’s novel, 1984. These tactics enabled Jones to maintain an iron grip over his followers, culminating in the tragic mass suicide at Jonestown in 1978.

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