Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? Here’s what the science says

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In a landmark study, researchers have mapped the psychological landscape that shapes our susceptibility to conspiracy theories. Analyzing data from 170 studies, they’ve found that beliefs in conspiracy theories are not only influenced by personality traits but also by deeper motivational needs, such as the desire for certainty or feeling misunderstood by society. The findings have been published in the scientific journal Psychological Bulletin.

Conspiracy theories are a fascinating and complex facet of human culture, often defined as beliefs or explanations that attribute the cause of significant events or situations to secret, malevolent plots orchestrated by powerful and covert groups. Conspiracy theories usually thrive on the lack of definitive evidence, relying instead on suggestive, ambiguous, or circumstantial details.

Content retrieved from: https://www.psypost.org/2024/01/why-do-people-believe-in-conspiracy-theories-heres-what-the-science-says-220856.

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