Why Do Former Daybell ‘Cult Members’ Still Believe The Crazy Concepts Of Chad Daybell?

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In this episode of “Hidden Killers With Tony Brueski,” retired FBI Special Agent Robin Dreeke discusses the psychological effects of cult-like belief systems and their impact on individuals involved in high-profile legal cases like those of Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow. Dreeke explores how deeply ingrained beliefs and the need for belonging can affect people’s perceptions and reactions when faced with the reality of their actions, especially when those actions conflict with societal norms. He elaborates on the difficulty some individuals face in reconciling their actions with their belief systems, often resulting in cognitive dissonance where they cannot accept reality even when confronted with irrefutable evidence.

Key Points from the Conversation

– **Cult-like Belief Systems:** Dreeke discusses how individuals involved in cults struggle to distance themselves from their beliefs even when faced with legal consequences or societal rejection.

– **Cognitive Dissonance:** Members of these groups often exhibit cognitive dissonance, rationalizing their actions within their belief system despite evidence to the contrary.

– **Echo Chambers:** The conversation touches on how echo chambers reinforce existing beliefs, making it difficult for individuals to accept contrary evidence.

– **Social Needs and Group Belonging:** Dreeke highlights the human need to belong to groups and how this can lead people to remain in harmful situations or belief systems.

– **Challenges in Changing Beliefs:** The discussion explores why it’s hard for some people to change their views, even when faced with overwhelming evidence or after experiencing major life events.
– **Impact on Legal Defense:** The ingrained beliefs and the public revelation of private communications can significantly undermine a legal defense, as seen in the trials of Chad Daybell and others.

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