Who is Robert Shinn’s daughter, Kloë Shinn?

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ROBERT Shinn is the longtime pastor of Shekinah Church and also helped create the Los Angeles-based talent management company, which a new documentary series alleges is a cult in disguise.

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is a three-part Netflix docuseries that explores this alleged cult and the suspected crimes committed by Robert Shinn, which have ultimately led his daughter, Kloë, to cut off ties with him.

Robert Shinn is the pastor of Shekinah Church and the founder of 7M Films.

The church, founded in 1994, allegedly has ties to 7M Films, founded in 2021.

7M’s claim to fame is representing various TikTok dancers and content creators, including Miranda Derrick, formerly Wilking, and her husband, James “BDash” Derrick.

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