“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” unveils dark underbelly of talent management

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Netflix has premiered a gripping three-part documentary titled “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” which delves into the alarming allegations against a talent management company doubling as a religious cult.

The series begins with the story of Miranda Wilking, known on social media as Miranda Derrick, whose sudden disappearance from collaborative dance videos with her sister Melanie sparked widespread concern among their millions of TikTok followers.

The documentary, directed by Derek Doneen and co-produced by Jess Acevedo, a figure well-known in the dance community, explores the claims brought forward in early 2021.

Melanie Wilking and her parents went public with a distressing video on TikTok, alleging that Miranda had been brainwashed by Robert Shinn, leading a group that trapped her and other dancers under the guise of 7M, a talent management operation.

The series is rooted in real-time developments, offering an unprecedented look into the lives of those involved as they unfold.

Doneen emphasized the urgency of documenting the ongoing situation, telling Vanity Fair, “This was more urgent for me because the story is continuing to unfold.”

Unlike typical documentaries, “Dancing for the Devil” acts as an active report on the efforts of families trying to rescue their loved ones and the challenges faced by those who have escaped.

The documentary also revisits the origins of Shekinah Church, founded by Shinn in 1994, which later expanded to include 7M Films.

Viewers are introduced to the early days of the church through the experiences of Melanie, a Korean American immigrant who joined Shekinah as a teenager.

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