What Happened To Vik White After Appearing On Netflix’s “Dance Cult” Docuseries Dancing For The Devil?

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Vik White has become one of the most influential dancers across social media platforms today. Because of his immense talent, television and film appearances, and millions of fans on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, it appeared that Vik was doing quite well for himself. As such, it came as a shock to many when Vik appeared in Netflix’s docuseries, Dancing for the Devil. Fans were not only confused but wondered what Vik was doing in the aftermath of the show.

Dancing with the Devil put a huge spotlight on 7M Films, the management company to which Vik was signed. 7M was founded by the leader of Shekinah Church, Robert Shinn. Robert has been accused of being a cult leader by former members of the church for the way he spoke about religion and the money parishioners were expected to donate, ala Michelle Pfeifer’s Breatharian experience that proved to be cult-like with controversial religious beliefs. These members of the church included dancers who were brought into the fold after they signed with 7M Films. Some of these dancers sued Robert for forced labor, human trafficking, and fraud, and the case is expected to go to trial in the future.

We will explore what happened to Vik White after appearing on Netflix’s “dance cult” docuseries, Dancing for the Devil. Then we will look at how Vik got involved with 7M Films and why Vik chose to keep his distance from Dancing for the Devil, since airing.

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