What happened to Jeff and Shaleia Divine? Their ‘love cult’ features in Netflix docuseries Escaping Twin Flames – so what are the allegations, did they ever get charged, and where are they now?

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The newly released Netflix documentary series Escaping Twin Flames has brought a fresh wave of global attention to the Twin Flames Universe (TFU), a controversial community headed by Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, aka Jeff and Shaleia Divine, that some have classified as a cult. The Michigan-based couple have convinced their followers that, in exchange for money, they can help them find their one true love, their “twin flame”.

The docuseries, which began streaming on November 8, is the latest in a series of exposés and deep dives about TFU, with former community members and their family speaking out about their harrowing experiences.

So, where are TFU founders Jeff and Shaleia now, and what has happened since the latest damning allegations against them?

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