Well, has Miley Cyrus joined a cult? An investigation

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It’s not been lost on fans of Miley Cyrus that the singer has been keeping a low profile since the release of her last album, Endless Summer Vacation, which came out in March this year.

While some have argued that she’s been out of the limelight as she’s producing new music – she has now started teasing the release of an upcoming single titled “Used To Be Young” – others have suggested that Cyrus’ silence is evidence that she has actually joined a cult called the Modern Mystery School.

The rumour appears to have originated on Twitter, with users posting selfies taken by the singer alongside her ‘cult friends’. The theory then gained traction after a TikTok video about the rumour went viral.

So, is Miley really in a cult? And what is the ‘Modern Mystery School’ anyway? Here’s what we know.

Content retrieved from: https://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/60595/1/well-has-miley-cyrus-joined-a-cult-investigation-modern-mystery-school.

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