Weird Scientology Super Bowl commercial says “hope” comes from the cans

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According to Scientology hope for humanity comes from submitting to “spiritual counseling” (aka “auditing”) while clutching the cans connected to what Scientologists call the “E-Meter, which is a galvanic response measuring apparatus, or part of what is commonly called a “lie detector.”

Yes, Tom Cruise has done this.

During this auditing process conducted by a Scientology inquisitor (aka “auditor”) there are little if any meaningful boundaries regarding the questions the auditor/questioner may ask to supposedly resolve the issues/problems of the “negative reactive mind.” Your personal life, work and family history can be on the table and the auditor takes copious notes, which are stored as the property of Scientology. All of this is done while you hold onto the cans that effectively measure your nervous reaction giving the Scientologist questioning you the upper hand or edge he or she may need to drill down into your vulnerabilities.

Definitely not a good idea to share in such an environment when your answers can become part of a permanent record possessed by Scientology.

If you want to find out the actual history and practices of Scientology see the Cult Education Institute archive that has ever expanding content first launched in 1996.


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