Abuse at the hands of ‘phoney prophet’: Inside cult linked to Constance Marten

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A missing aristocrat who is on the run with her rapist partner and newborn baby may have been brainwashed at a Nigerian church where “disciples” were allegedly abused by the group’s self-proclaimed prophet.

Constance Marten, who has been missing with Mark Gordon since early January, is said to been left confused and traumatised after spending six months at the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in Lagos where she would have been forced to undergo “intense” running of the church while living in dorms alongside some 100 other disciples, many also British nationals.

On one occasion, the 35-year-old was apparently forced to eat the leftovers of the church’s “prophet” and controversial leader, TB Joshua. Another time, she was placed in social exile – the customary punishment for disciples who were not “focused enough” on the church leader or spoke about their former lives.

After leaving the church, Ms Marten spoke about experiencing paranormal activity after meditation which became so out of control that she once collapsed on the floor laughing while queueing in Starbucks.

The 35-year-old runaway, whose family used to own the £100m Crichel House estate in Dorset and whose grandmother was a god-daughter of the late Queen Mother, has been estranged from her family since she met Mark Gordon, who was jailed in the late 1980s in Florida, US, after raping and assaulting a woman when he was 14.

Content retrieved from: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/constance-marten-missing-aristocrat-mark-gordon-b2279865.html.

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  1. Weird Super Bowl Scientology commercial. “Hope” somehow comes from (wait for it) clutching metal cans linked to “E-meter” as part of Scientology “spiritual counseling” (confessing while holding onto part of a lie detector).

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