Warren Jeffs: Dictating FLDS from Prison, Fears of Mass Suicide Rise

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A chilling revelation has been made by former members of the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS) Church, Sam and Melissa, on the ‘Cults To Consciousness’ podcast. The duo shed light on how the sect’s leader, Warren Jeffs, continues to command his followers from behind prison walls. Jeffs, convicted in 2011 for sexually assaulting two underage girls, has found ways to exert his influence despite his incarceration.

The former FLDS members relayed that Jeffs issues ‘revelations’ to his followers through select scribes who visit him in prison. These messages are not merely spiritual missives but include alarming plans to resume ‘heavenly sessions.’ These sessions, in the past, have included sexual relations with underage girls under the guise of spiritual rituals. The continuation of such sessions not only flouts the law but poses a grave threat to the safety of young girls within the sect.

Sam and Melissa expressed deep concern over the possibility that Jeffs’s messages could incite mass suicide among the FLDS. One of his recent ‘revelations’ hinted at the need for followers to die to reach heaven. This disturbing suggestion, combined with Jeffs’s continued influence, raises fears of a mass tragedy within the sect.

Jeffs, who is believed to have 79 wives and around 4,000 followers, half of whom remain loyal, is currently in solitary confinement. However, there are speculations that he may soon be moved to the general prison population. Such a transition could potentially afford him greater opportunities to communicate with his followers, further exacerbating the situation.

The couple also shared poignant accounts of the emotional turmoil experienced by families affected by the FLDS. They narrated the story of a friend who lives in constant fear for the safety of her daughters who are still in the sect. As the FLDS continues to operate under the shadow of Jeffs’s influence, the plight of these families remains a stark reminder of the human cost of such cults.

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