‘Truth vs. Alex Jones’: Documentary seeks justice for outrageous claims of Sandy Hook hoax

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The pain of the parents who lost their children, first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, still feels fresh nearly 12 years after the shooting.

In a new documentary about the tragedy, Mark Barden says that as he and his son Daniel cuddled on the couch that fateful morning, Daniel noted shining Christmas tree lights bouncing off a window that showed the glory of the sun meeting the sky. Mark, looking to capture the moment, grabbed his camera.

“I have a picture of that sunrise that morning with the Christmas tree lights reflecting in the window,” he says, “and I really wish I’d turned the camera around and taken a picture of” Daniel.

Content retrieved from: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2024/03/27/truth-vs-alex-jones-hbo-sandy-hook-shooting/73091533007/.

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