Trans People Aren’t Forcing Anyone Else to Transition—But This Heteronormative Cult Is

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It’s a common story told by the Right: a woman looking for answers and happiness is convinced by a cult to transition into a man only to become sad and lonely.

The only detail they were missing is that the cult is run by cis, straight people, and that people are being convinced to transition against their wishes in order to uphold heteronormativity.

Two new documentaries, Desperately Seeking Soulmate: Escaping Twin Flames Universe on Prime Video and Escaping Twin Flames on Netflix dive deep into the Twin Flames Universe, a cult led by Jeff and Shaleia Divine.

The cult was founded and is based on the belief that each person has a “twin flame” who is like a soul mate for them and that only Jeff and Shaleia can tell a person who their twin flame is. What started out as relationship coaching soon turned into something more sinister, with the cult going as far as to encourage several female members who had shown no sign and made no mention of being trans to transition into men.

In each documentary, we’re introduced to several women who were told that they were “divine masculine” energies, and should transition to men. According to Jeff and Shaleia, each twin flame couple is made up of one divine feminine partner and one divine masculine partner, and even same-sex couples operate that way.

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