This Hero Cyclist Hilariously Interrupted a White Nationalist March

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Not all heroes wear capes, as the saying goes.

Sometimes they ride big, clunky urban bike-share bikes to a white supremacist rally and hurl some first-rate insults at a group of masked racists.

“Cargo pants are out!” Washington D.C. resident Joe Flood yelled at the group of about one-hundred people representing the hate group Patriot Front, as they gathered on the National Mall, dressed in blue shirts and cargo pants. Those cargo pants, as Flood pointed out, were hardly uniform.

“You’re not even matching,” he said. “You all got different types of pants on!”

The group, which the Southern Poverty Law Center classifies as a “

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white nationalist hate group,” gathered in our nation’s capital on Sunday, marching in formation with American flags mounted upside down and shouting racist chants as they made their way across the National Mall.

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