This Cult Documentary Will Definitely Screw You Up

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When we think about cults, we usually think back on the well-known historical cult leaders and activities with the benefit of hindsight. Last year’s Hulu limited series, The Deep End, changed the perception of cults by documenting a modern-day cultish community that stemmed from the teachings of Teal Swan.

Swan’s teachings, her followers, and the events of the time period during which the documentary was filmed are tricky areas to analyze, considering the fact that finding the truth requires plenty of sifting through stilted perceptions given by the makers of the documentary (who, admittedly, only gained their footage through deceptive means).

However, Swan’s controversial teachings are clearly shown to be potentially dangerous; her community, especially the inner circle, raises many red flags for cult behavior—an alarming find, considering that Swan is still growing her fanbase and is very much still influencing vulnerable people all over the world.

With two million followers on Facebook and one and a half million on YouTube, it’s safe to say that many, many people are listening closely to what she has to say—for better or for worse.

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