‘They could torture me’: Former members reveal hell of life inside Church of Scientology

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The trial and conviction of Hollywood actor Danny Masterson for the rape of two women has, once again, shed light on the controversial Church of Scientology, with Masterson preying on Scientologist women, in part, because he knew the church would protect him.

The women who were assaulted by Masterson reported the attacks to the Church of Scientology, only to be victim-blamed and forbidden from reporting the crime to the police.

Though they eventually did, it took a staggering 12 years before the allegations were investigated by authorities.

A pivotal moment in Masterson’s trial was the testimony of Claire Headley, a former senior Scientologist turned whistleblower.

Ms Headley was able to decipher for the jury the church’s own records and uncovered a paper trail that showed the church was doing all it could to protect Danny Masterson.

After 30 years of devotion to the church, Ms Headley and husband Marc’s escape from it in 2005 was the stuff of Hollywood movies.

There was no simple walking away from a religion they no longer believed in.

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