How Leah Remini plans to wage war on Church of Scientology: ‘She will call Tom Cruise as a witness’

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Leah Remini is on a one-woman crusade to force the Church of Scientology to its knees—and she is set to drag Tom Cruise along with her.

The “King of Queens” star wants to force a real accounting for the church she fled in 2013, and filed a lawsuit Wednesday which reveals extraordinary allegations of a harassment campaign against her and other “survivors.”

Remini, 53, who named Cruise’s BFF, Scientology leader David Miscavige, as a defendant in the suit, has former church leaders backing her—and they tell The Post they’re ready to tell their truth about its “regime of abuse.”

Remini, who has labeled Hollywood icon Cruise as “essentially second in command” in the church, alleged that she was held at a Scientology facility for 4 months and “psychologically punished” after asking where Miscavige’s wife, Shelly Miscavige, was at Cruise’s 2006 Italian wedding to his ex-wife Katie Holmes.

One highly-placed source told The Post: “I think that Leah will call Tom to be a witness. She claims that she was abused after his wedding, so why wouldn’t she call him? He’s a part of this.”

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