These famous cults got their start — or end — in Colorado

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From a silver woman mummified and entombed in Christmas lights to a naturally formed spire rumored to be the landing site of a UFO, there has been no shortage of fringe religious movements or self-proclaimed deities and reincarnates to grace the Rocky Mountain state. 

Colorado has a long history of cult activity formed within its borders. Most common were the new-age movements documented throughout the 1970s and ’80s that preached personal transformation based on metaphysical properties and self-actualization. This trend continued well into the 21st century with the discovery of a mummified woman in Crestone, Colorado.

Love Has Won is a now-defunct religious group based out of a 141-person town, which was led by the now deceased Amy Carlson, whose mummified remains were discovered in a sleeping bag and wrapped in Christmas lights. Her flesh turned silver from ingesting colloidal silver, according to the El Paso County Coroner’s autopsy report.

“Love Has Won was completely predicated on the outrageous claims made by Amy Carlson,” said Rick Alan Ross, a renowned cult deprogrammer and founder and executive director of the Cult Education Institute. “(She claimed) she was the reincarnation of famous people, that she was speaking for God on Earth, and her followers worshiped her as Mother God.”

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