These Are the 15 Most Compelling Cult Documentaries and Docuseries Available to Stream Now

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Not all true crime documentaries have to end (or start, really) in murder. Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the whodunnit genre is a smaller, though just as powerful subgenre all about dangerous cults and extreme religions. While the idea of a cult may seem far-fetched or even unthinkable to some, cults actually do exist. In fact, they are not a thing of the past; cults exist even now.

NXIVM is a prime example—as recently as 2018, India Oxenberg was still engulfed in the Keith Raniere-led cult before getting out. And believe it or not, people are still members of NXIVM today.

If you love true crime and psychological thrillers, keep reading for the 15 best cult documentaries—from NXIVM to The Family–most of which are streaming.

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