The staring ‘cult leader’ charged with sex attacks on four female followers: Messianic head of Canadian spiritual group is known for his piercing gaze and bizarre monologues about coffee

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The self-styled leader of a wealthy spiritual community in western Canada has been charged with sexually assaulting several of his followers after telling them a ‘spirit’ instructed him to engage in sexual activity with them, police in Edmonton have said.

John (Johannes) de Ruiter, 63, was arrested and charged on January 21 in four cases of sexual assault that allegedly occurred between 2017 and 2020, according to a police statement this week. His lawyer says he will ‘vigorously contest these charges in a court of law’.

For decades de Ruiter has run an organization called the College of Integrated Philosophy, also known as the Oasis Group – which some accuse of being a cult.

De Ruiter is known for his piercing stare which he levels at followers at lengthy meetings, and posts bizarre videos including one in which he asked the viewer whether they drink cappuccinos with their ‘mortal or immortal mind’.

John de Ruiter, 63, is a self-appointed spiritual leader who claims to have been 'fully absorbed into what we are after we die'

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