The Socorro cult: A conspiracy of notorious negligence?

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How could the Socorro cult controversy have been allowed to happen before the very eyes of the government –both the LGUs and the national government agencies? Should the municipal mayor and provincial governor, including the DILG municipal, provincial and regional officials be also held liable for dereliction of duties and notorious, and if you will, even inexcusable negligence?

How could the ragtag group of Jey Rence Quilario or Senyor Aguila be allowed to behave like a tribal leader who had complete control and domination over a thousand families in Sitio Kapihan, Sering, Socorro, Surigao del Norte? Why did the mayor and the governor tolerate the tyrannical and dictatorial regime perpetrated by a group of religious fanatics? How did it happen that the private army of Senyor Aguila could control the movement of thousands of people? How could they prohibit children from going to school? How could they allow more than 200 small children to die without government health services? Why were government authorities prohibited from entering the domain of the cult? Why did the DENR not do its duty to put the Socorro local dictators in their proper place relative to the use of public land?

If not for some teenagers who escaped from the virtual prison and who reported to the police and NBI, it wouldn’t have been known that Surigao officials and the national agencies assigned in the Caraga region closed their eyes to the multiple crimes being committed. They should all be charged with serious dereliction of their sworn duties and for notorious and inexcusable negligence. They should not be allowed to escape from these sworn duties because the things speak for themselves. The local officials are guilty of failing to enforce the law. Their failure is tantamount to tolerance and implied approval of all those despicable atrocities.

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