The Polygamists: A Look Inside Pinesdale, Montana

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While the reality show “My Five Wives” was filmed in Utah – not Montana – it might seem familiar to those who’ve heard about Pinesdale, just 45 minutes from the campus of the University of Montana. Lots of people, it seems, are interested in the kind polygamy both the show and the town are known for. They’re reading “Under the Banner of Heaven” by Jon Krakauer or, more likely, watching it as a recent miniseries on Hulu. “Sister Wives,” “Escaping Polygamy,” “The Book of Mormon,” “Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey” – there is no shortage of shows, plays and books that try to explain or expose or make fun of religious practices that allow for multiple spouses.

In the Bitterroot Valley, between Victor and Hamilton, is the town of Pinesdale. Montanans give you a knowing look when you mention it. The town has a population of around 900, but you’ll find just a limited number of last names owning property there. It’s primarily occupied by members of the Apostolic United Brethren, a breakoff Mormon fundamentalist group that practices polygamy, or plural marriage. The main families are the Allreds, Allsops, Stokers, Venemas, Weidows, Wissenbachs and Jessops. And some of those last names are associated with UM, too. Inga Watt, a 20-year-old freshman chemistry major, grew up in Pinesdale as part of the Jessop family. She said her grandpa, Morris Yeates Jessop, had six wives and 60 kids.

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