The Garden: Commune Or Cult – Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know

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The Garden: Commune Or Cult is bringing the reality of The Garden to Discovery+ and many are wondering more about the upcoming series. A docu-series surrounding the infamous commune, The Garden, the series will explore several newcomers who are attempting to prove themselves to the community. With the viral popularity of The Garden that burst forth on social media earlier this year, many are looking for details about the community and wondering exactly how it works. Amidst some incredibly disturbing allegations of the members’ behavior and initiations, The Garden: Commune Or Cult will share the truth with viewers.

While residents of The Garden have denied that the community is a cult, the conspiracy surrounding the community ran rampant on social media after a documentary worked to expose the community’s unsavory behaviors. After some community members took to TikTok to create content that set the record straight about The Garden, interest was sky-high in the community. After being exposed for their potentially dangerous behavior, the new docu-series will work to share the truth.

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