The Epoch Times and its Troubling Anti-Transgender Agenda: Are the Opposing Voices Loud Enough?

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We live in an era where news is frequently driven by agendas and opinions, often overshadowing the importance of facts. In this climate, media organizations wield considerable influence in shaping public perceptions and attitudes. In an age marked by a global movement towards inclusivity, diversity, and acceptance, these organizations have the potential to either propel society forward or, regrettably, turn back the clock on this progress, leaving marginalized groups to live their lives in literal danger.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing instances where several media groups are choosing the latter path. One such entity is The Epoch Times, a publication associated with the Falun Gong spiritual group, which consistently disseminates anti-transgender propaganda across its various media platforms, often flying under the radar without repercussions or regard for fact-checking. These persistent actions bear grave consequences for both the transgender community and society at large.

One glaring illustration of The Epoch Times’ alignment with an anti-transgender position is its extensive coverage of the MISS NTD Beauty Pageant, a competition sponsored by NTD (New Tang Dynasty), a television station also controlled by the Falun Gong. This “pagean,” held in New York on September 30, requires that contestants must be “natural-born females.” This has ignited considerable controversy and condemnation from transgender advocates — as it should, as policies like this perpetuate discrimination and harmful stereotypes, particularly concerning transgender women.

Nevertheless, The Epoch Times has consistently defended the pageant, asserting that it upholds “traditional values” and celebrates “traditional femininity.” In a recent 2023 article, the publication commended the pageant for promoting what it termed “ancient values.” Pageant director Jenny Sun was quoted in the article stating that the event was “not about discriminating against anyone” but instead focused on celebrating “the natural beauty of women.” While this endorsement might appear benign to some, it contributes to the broader concerns regarding The Epoch Times‘, and its reader’s stance on transgender issues. A wedding of gasoline and matches aimed squarely at LGBTQ progress.

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