Religion: Anglesey dad fears Buddhist group brainwashed son

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A dad has accused a Buddhist group of “brainwashing” his son, leading to their relationship breaking down.

Elwyn Lloyd-Jones, of Penmon, Anglesey, is one of several people who have raised concerns about the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT).

Mr Lloyd-Jones first knew one of his three sons was involved with the group after his wife Olga died in 2021.

The NKT said it preached kindness to everyone while Elwyn’s son said his dad’s claims had “no truth whatsoever”.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said, following the death of his wife, his son told him he was turning his back on Christianity and “had found something 100 times better with the Buddhists”.

They now have not spoken for more than a year – something he blames entirely on the NKT.

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