The 9 Most Common Personality Traits In Cult Leaders

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With hit documentaries like “Love Has Won” and “Escaping Twin Flames” and podcasts like “Let’s Talk About Sects” and “Escaping NXIVM,” it’s clear the public fascination with all things cult is alive and well.

So too are audiences curious about cult leaders, who manage to compel everyday people to adopt outlandish beliefs and do horrible things.

“Cult leaders are notable for the enormous amount of power they have over their group,” Ashlen Hilliard, a cult intervention specialist and founder of People Leave Cults, told HuffPost. “This power is what many look for when defining a cult, but it’s not the only aspect that creates a cult leader. When you take a closer look, a cult leader often exhibits a classic set of traits and behaviors. Although there is variety in how these traits present, certain themes tend to ring true.”

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