“That was a lot of negative publicity”: Tom Cruise Left Steven Spielberg Furious After Harassing His Close Friend Before Director Praised Actor for Saving Hollywood

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Hollywood is a cauldron interminably bubbling up with all kinds of controversies and scandals. So it’s not too surprising to see A-list stars feign admiration for each other despite years of bad blood and animosity between them like nothing ever happened. And that’s exactly what went down at the Oscars luncheon this year. When one of the most iconic actors in the industry, Tom Cruise, and the pioneer of the modern blockbusters, Steven Spielberg, played pretend as if they hadn’t been estranged for nearly two decades.

Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg’s fallout dates back to 2005 when they collaborated on their second project after 2001’s sci-fi/action film, Minority Report. But little did they know, their second movie would also be their last together after their differences escalated into a full-fledged feud.

Steven Spielberg And Tom Cruise’s Feud Explained 

It’s no secret that the Top Gun star is an adamant follower of the Church of Scientology and neither is it unknown that his ardent devotion to the religion has also paved the way for numerous controversies. Add to that his blinding love for his ex-wife Katie Holmes, and you get the recipe for Tom Cruise‘s long-standing feud with the most commercially successful director in the film industry, Steven Spielberg.

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