Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory roundup: Taylor Swift, logo colors and more

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In times of chaos, conspiracy theories flourish, suggesting that there’s some dark order to the chaos swirling around us. Conspiracy theories are comforting, suggesting that at least someone is in control of all this madness. For sports fans, they’re especially attractive. You can tell yourself that your team doesn’t stink; they had an entire Sports Deep State allied against them!

Yeah, that’s why they’re not still in the playoffs!

The Super Bowl, being one of our last communal events, whips up its own frenzy of conspiracy theories. Ray Lewis is convinced that the lights going out on Baltimore in Super Bowl XLVII was part of a grand scheme to keep the game from being a blowout. That same Super Bowl saw Beyonce flashing what some interpreted as a sign of the Illuminati, the shadowy, world-dominating cabal. Angry Seahawks fans grumbled that Seattle didn’t want to give Marshawn Lynch the game-winning carry in Super Bowl XLIX against the Patriots … and, well, you know what happened there. Just last year, a “leaked” box score prior to the Super Bowl showed the Eagles beating the Chiefs 37-34. (Spoiler: That did not happen.)

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