Stream It Or Skip It: ‘La Narcosatanica’ on Max, A Docuseries About A Murderous Drug Dealer/Cult Leader And His Followers In 1980s Mexico

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The three-part Max docuseries La Narcosatanica explores the ghastly story of drug dealer and serial killer Adolfo Constanzo, who murdered at least 16 and possibly nearly 20 people throughout Mexico as the leader of a religious cult that practiced human sacrifice. Constanzo died in 1989 while on the run from authorities. But his cult’s incarcerated high priestess is interviewed extensively for La Narcosatanica, as are the law enforcement personnel and journalists who either pursued “The Godfather” or reported on his crimes.

Opening Shot: At Tepepan Women’s Prison in Mexico City, Sara Aldrete makes a phone call to her sister. “Listen, they’re reviewing my case so I can get early parole. But don’t start celebrating yet. Let’s just wait. It’s a matter of time.”

The Gist: In 1989, after an American college student named Mark Kilroy disappeared while barhopping with his friends in the Texas border town of Matamoros, Mexico, his horribly mutilated body was uncovered from a mass grave on a ranch outside the city. The gruesome discovery revealed the murderous practices of a man named Adolfo Constanzo, who had combined the trafficking of drugs like cocaine and marijuana with his practice of Santeria and Palo Mayombe – religions of the African diaspora that involve animal sacrifice – and formed a cult around himself that included numerous men and at least one woman. Constanzo, its ruthless and undisputed leader, was known as “El Padrino,” The Godfather. And Sara Aldrete was “La Madrina,” The Godmother.

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