Squirrel Society labeled shadow society; Allegations of cult practices leave Squirrel King stumped

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The UH Squirrel Society has been placed on interim suspension after two anonymous reports claimed the organization was engaging in ritualistic hazing.

The first claimed prospective members were asked to give a “blood oath/sacrament” as part of an initiation ceremony. The second described seeing an ominous gathering of hooded, candle-bearing students in the Student Center North. The University has since charged the Squirrel Society with five infractions of the student code of conduct, all of which relate to hazing. The incidents, however, both occurred on or around Halloween — a fact Squirrel King Sameer Abdulmajeed feels has been overlooked. “This was at our Halloween party last week, we called it ‘Squalloween’,” Abdulmajeed said in response to the first complaint. “We were in our costumes and put on a little performance where we ritually summoned the White-Tailed Squirrel.”Abdulmajeed has been the Squirrel King, the organization’s title for their chief executive, since its founding in 2020. Known to many students by the name “Sameer the Red,” Abdulmajeed is often seen around campus promoting school pride while sporting a variety of UH-red costumes. This, the allegations imply, is the ringleader of a cult of ritual practitioners. 

Content retrieved from: https://thedailycougar.com/2023/11/07/squirrel-society-labeled-shadow-society-allegations-of-cult-practices-leave-squirrel-king-stumped/.

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