CASEY: Decades after gun incident, ‘Pat Robertson’s hideaway’ in Bath Co. up for sale

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Odds are you’ve never visited Higher Ground, the sprawling, three-story weekend getaway perched atop Warm Springs Mountain in Bath County. The late Rev. Marion G. “Pat” Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University, built the place in 1993.

It stands on 27 acres at an elevation higher than 4,000 feet, along Airport Road (Virginia 703), just a little ways south of Ingalls Field, the highest-elevation airport east of the Mississippi.

Yours truly and Stephanie Klein-Davis, the intrepid former news photographer, had an exciting time when we visited the place 29 years ago, shortly after Robertson built it. And among those lasting memories is the handgun.

It was a silver semiautomatic number, and we wound up on the unfriendly side of its barrel. Brandishing it, we learned later, was Pat’s (then) bodyguard, Herbert Hicks. But we weren’t trespassing, I swear. At least, not at the moment he caught us and threatened arrest.

We’ll get to that story in a minute, after we inventory the many wonderful aspects of this extraordinary real estate.

Just for starters, the address, 2835 Airport Road, doesn’t quite capture its majesty. Neither does the term “amazing.”

The 27-acre property hit the market a little more than two weeks ago; I learned about it thanks to a tip from a reader. Charlottesville real-estate brokers McLean Faulconer snagged the listing. The asking price is $4.25 million.

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