South Park: Everything to know about the Scientology controversy that changed the sitcom forever

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South Park, an iconic animated series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, has been a staple of popular culture since its inception. Known for its audacious humor and unabashed criticisms of societal conventions, celebrities, and even entire religions, the show has always walked a razor-thin line between comedy and controversy.

Throughout its illustrious run, the series has tackled numerous hot-button topics, with each episode sparking conversations, laughter, and, often, public backlash. But amidst all the uproar, one might wonder whether there was any episode that shook the very foundation of South Park.

Was there a particular storyline that attracted widespread attention and prompted tangible, real-world consequences for its creators and the production team?

The answer lies in the infamous Scientology episode, Trapped in the Closet. This particular episode didn’t just poke fun – it catapulted the show into a maelstrom of debates, alleged investigations, and behind-the-scenes drama.

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